HIDDEN ONES is a project unlike anything else out there. You have questions, we have answers.

What are the specs?

Each Hidden One is a unique ERC-721 NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Minting a Cryptid costs 0 ETH (+ gas). The Cryptids you capture by minting are provably random using ghostbusting Chainlink VRF technology.

What is SlenderDAO?

SlenderDAO is a sub-DAO of HIDDEN ONES that aims to acquire the media rights to Slender Man from the defunct production company Mythology Entertainment. SlenderDAO membership is granted by ownership of HIDDEN ONES NFTs, which are also the primary fundraising token. Proceeds from the Hidden Ones public mint will be used toward SlenderDAO’s goals.

When will the Hidden Ones be revealed?

Cryptids will only stop lurking after each one has been summoned. It’s their rule—they ride or die! Help us bring these monsters out from the darkness by minting Cryptids and spreading the myth of the HIDDEN ONES to all of your friends!

These are some freaky deaky monsters - what's their deal?

You’d look like that too if you were an interdimensional psychic entity who slept in garbage and terrorized the public.

They’re inspired by the HIDDEN MAN: a deranged degen hobo with the psychedelic power to appear as aliens, demons, and monsters of all kinds to its unsuspecting victims. Hidden Ones are 10,151 interpretations of this cryptid. The Hidden Man is the subject of the franchise’s genesis film, He Who Lives In Hidden Lakes.

What makes this project different?

HIDDEN ONES isn’t just an avatar collection: it’s the only story-based NFT with a full-length, crypto-native movie available now on platforms like Prime Video and Tubi, and a sequel in development.

This collection represents our vision for the new class of community-driven stories and mythology that’s now possible via web3. By owning Cryptids, you get to help shape the next movie, co-own the film franchise IP (the whole brand—not just the avatars), and participate in all of our insane roadmap projects: all developed by a proven, doxxed team.

Do I own the IP to my Cryptid?

In short, yes, but you will need to use proof-of-stake licensing to exercise your IP rights. But fear not! This innovative model of ours is actually an improvement on CC0 and BAYC-style licensing, and lets you use the entire HLCU brand & IP. Learn more in our founder’s thread on the Hidden Ones licensing model, and in our whitepaper, too.

We will be working with a legal team ASAP to ensure that HIDDEN ONES holders are able to safely exercise their commercial rights. Any Cryptid holder with commercial ambitions in the franchise, please get in touch with the core team!

POS licensing also comes with a free utility airdrop (psst... it’s in our roadmap).

What are the benefits of holding Cryptids?

  • 🎞 HIDDEN ONES are the premier membership token to the Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe: where YOU co-own and co-create the franchise!
  • 👁️ Membership to SlenderDAO, in order to help free Slender Man from Hollywood limbo and give the monster a home in the HLCU.
  • 🌿 Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the development of The Legend of the Vampire Fern, including two airdropped collections.
  • ✈️ Additional airdrops, including the movie poster that acts as a decentralized licensing token, allowing you to create & monetize the entire HLCU IP.
  • 🤫 Access to a super secret project in our roadmap, where each HIDDEN ONE can earn $CRYPTID utility tokens in an immersive & groundbreaking storytelling experience.
  • 💰 DAO treasury revenue share from every single derivative creation in the HLCU, forever.

What’s the Legend of the Vampire Fern?

The HIDDEN MAN and the VAMPIRE FERN are both supernatural beings that exist in the same fictional world: the HIDDEN LAKES CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. HIDDEN ONES NFTs are based on the first movie, featuring the HIDDEN MAN, and a portion of each mint price funds the next filmic installment in the HLCU: a mindbending mini-series movie exploring the legend of the VAMPIRE FERN.

This sequel is also a multimedia storytelling experience you can follow now via Mirror! Each week a new piece of the mystery is released, exploring the heist of the elusive VAMPIRE FERN. Hidden Ones holders will also act as producers on the series, with exclusive access to airdrops, development calls, production updates, red carpet premieres, among many more benefits, including a revenue share from the final product!

Are there other monsters in the Hidden Lakes Cinematic Universe?

Bigfoot, Mothman, the Loch Ness Monster all live here, among many more! Hopefully Slender Man will also be joining us soon. But most of the HLCU monsters don’t even exist yet, because the HIDDEN ONES community has yet to create them! Our vision is to create a truly decentralized, permissionless IP where any holder can take new or existing ideas & canon, bring those myths to life, and gain the support of the entire HLCU community—where HIDDEN ONES are the OG members.

What happens if SlenderDAO is unsuccessful?

The value of SlenderDAO is not reliant on acquiring the rights to Slender Man. SlenderDAO uniquely offers ownership of an intrinsically valuable NFT, which entails benefits like IP usage, treasury governance, and being a part of an existing & groundbreaking NFT film franchise. Learn more about SlenderDAO in this brief article.

I have more inquires...

The hallmark trait of an effective Cryptid hunter. Sleuth into the Discord or holler at us on Twitter. You can also check out our roadmap or go back to the home page.